Wednesday, 18 January 2017

About Us

Concept: BOOKMART is a leading platform which provides local communities in high-growth markets with vibrant online marketplaces. BOOKMART connects local people to buy, sell or exchange books on the web. Sellers can easily earn some extra cash by simply selling their books that are no longer of use to them - thus, giving buyers the opportunity to get books at affordable price.

We provide platform on which peoples buy and sell used books not just academic books but every sort of book that connects the book lovers. Our service focuses on each and every book owner being a student whether he/she studies in a school or college or a book geek who just enjoys reading. Students want to buy used books but they can’t find the person who is selling his/her old books. So our platform helps them to buy or sell used books easily.
We have a very less number of competitors as we see there are very less number of shops in a city who are selling used books and very few amount of people heard about the shops.
Our unique feature is to sell & buy books (2nd hand) online & we also provide door to door delivery thus connecting the world of book lovers and the knowledge seekers.

Our service focuses on providing each and every student whether he/she studies in a school or college or owns any kind of other books (novels, autobiographies, fiction and non-fiction) that are already being used and at a price less than the market price of that particular book. They would use our online market as they get books at cheaper price and also with the ease of doing it on the go with the convenience from their home i.e. we provide door to door delivery to our customers.

Contact Us : Our official Id is
Ansh Saxena        Email:      Mob.: +91 7417066519 
Nishchay Joshi     Email:     Mob.+91 8755422204


Achievements: BookMart achieve Top 400 position in SmartFifty Startup Competition in 2018 organised by IIM Calcutta and Govt. of India. 

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